We have been an important supplier of spare parts and components for industrial applications. Our main focus is to supply spare parts and components, which help the maintenance departments to keep their machines in operation. The parts we supply are made by well-proven manufacturers with a long track of experience.


Our supply range includes pneumatically controlled clutches, clutch and brake combinations for presses, electromagnetic clutches, hydraulic clutches, toothed clutches, overload clutches as well as rotary unions and safety valves for clutches.


We offer worm gearboxes, angular gearboxes with palloid helical gearing for industrial use, indexing gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, variable speed gearboxes and manual gearboxes as well as just the gearwheel sets for the overhaul of gearboxes.


We provide motors in all sizes and types, with varying specifications and protection classes, such as squirrel cage motors, DC motors, stepper motors, gear motors and small-size motors etc. We also have the appropriate control units for stepper motors in our supply range.


Parts of our product range are also standard electronic elements for controlling industrial machinery, such as inductive or capacitive sensors, optical sensors, rotary encoders, tachogenerators for monitoring speeds and positions, as well as limit switches and control units for motors and movements.

Drive Parts

We offer drive elements for production machines, such as cardan drive shafts, roller bearings or linear bearings, suitable oil seal rings, V-belts, toothed timing belts and belt pulleys.

Pumps and Filters

For the conveyance of gasses or liquids we supply the relevant elements, such as side-channel pumps or rotary vane pumps, blowers, immersion pumps for the conveyance of liquids and switching elements for vacuum or pressure. Available are all kinds of filters for compressed air or hydraulic systems as well.