NOTUS was formed in 2014 and got incorporated in Tanzania on May 2015 as NOTUS supply and Trading Company limited. Our business model is based on providing a comprehensive solution in procurement, Logistic, supply, and trading services for private and public company in Tanzania, Africa, and across the World. The company aims at diversity It’s portfolios through investing a portion of its assets in the purchase and sale of Securities as stocks bonds as well as forex trading on global markets in near future.

    The company is located at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as Head Office

    We began Notus with one focus: to build a company that can compete with large construction firms while operating with the flexibility and customer-focus of a small, family-run business. We call it small business values with a big business approach.

    Today, 75 percent of our business comes from a core group of legacy clients: a testament to our commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships.

    • Vision
    • We strive to provide direct benefit to all clients through competitive pricing, scalable capabilities, and building quality partnerships. We intended on building our history of success so that NOTUS may be a catalyst to a sustainable economy in Tanzania for many decades to come.

    • Our Motto
    • “Seeking to deliver and provide the highest”
      NOTUS office employs qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and years of experience to respond today’s challenging demands and scheduling of our clients and ensure continuous delivery of quality service and clients’ satisfaction.

    • Operations
    • NOTUS is  specialized in  procurement, logistics, and supply of food stuffs, personal consumption materials, building materials, tools such as hardware equipment, machine parts, electrical equipment, as well as supply of high quality personal protective equipment and work protective gears. More so it is specialized in providing of business Support services including professional services and maintenance, Outsourcing solution, ICT solutions, profession consultancy, retail and customer Services, security and other services  as per customer demands.

    • Objective
    • Our objective is to assist clients with various implementation of their projects and we have confidence in our ability to generate the consensus and commitments necessary to succeed. We are prepared to stand our recommendations and assist our clients with obtaining appropriate approval to proceed.

    • Growth Strategy
    • We are committed to equal opportunity and diversity, which is clearly visible throughout our workforce. We are dedicated to building the necessary foundation for a sustainable future.