NOTUS Environmental Health and Safety policy is based on the principle that ‘excellence in these areas maximizes the long term value, which brings to its employees, customers, shareholders and the environment.

Therefore it is our duty to ensure that consignments, raw materials, wastes, machinery and vehicles are handled within unacceptable risk to the environment, health and safety.

This policy is implemented in our culture, strategies, and operation.


  • We comply with all legal requirements and voluntary commitments established to protect the environment.
  • We maintain proper records and documentation concerning activities relating to environment health and safety matters.
  • We will respond positively to any expression of Public concern or inquiry and investigate full any substantive complaints.
  • We will participate with government, industry, and professional institutions and associations in development of environmental health safety regulations, reasonable environmental standard and improved environmental control technology.
  • We will promote un awareness of environmental health and safety protection with the operations among all employees and provide appropriate training to those responsible for implementing environmental health and safety control measures and for those whose particular areas have the potential to cause environmental health damage.

We have policy to comply with environmental friendly products through purchasing of products that serve several functions (e.g. fax, printer, scanner and copier) that reduce the overall number product purchased. It is also encourages the use recycled products such as papers, and proper use of our resources.